The specific colour is less important than you might think.

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Marketing is all about persuasion. Regardless of what you’re selling or how you’re selling it, the goal is the same — to convince people to invest in your product.

Colour has always been an important component of marketing. Research has shown that up to 90% of snap decisions by customers are based on colour alone. The way consumers respond to colour should therefore inform how you market your brand. But how do you decide which colours are best? Are there certain colours that should be avoided?

The way we use and think about colour, both as marketers and consumers, has…

If your conversational partner is showing these behaviours, chances are they’re not paying attention.

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Have you ever been talking to someone, and thought that they weren’t paying attention?

It’s easy to tell if somebody is simply not listening to you. But sometimes, people who are bad listeners can appear to be actively involved in the conversation. These interactions often leave you feeling more confused or frustrated than you did before, particularly if you’ve gone to somebody seeking their advice.

As a skill, listening is harder than it seems. Unlike hearing, listening requires active effort, rather than being something that just happens passively. Studies have shown that humans process 2,000 of the 400 billion pieces…

The secret to success is not getting up at 5am — unless you’re a Lion.

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I am sick and tired of hearing people say that in order to be more productive, you simply need to start waking up earlier.

Thanks to our productivity-driven society, we spend more and more time working. It’s true that one way to make more time for yourself is to get up earlier in the mornings. Several successful people have been known to wake up before 4am, including Apple CEO Tim Cook, Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne, and even Michelle Obama.

But the reason they are able to do so has got nothing to do with how successful or hardworking they might…

Yes, I’m a die-hard fan — but I don’t want to see the band get back together.

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Even if you’ve never watched a single episode, you’ve heard of Friends. The sitcom of all sitcoms took the world by storm in the 90s. And now, finally, it’s back.

And it’s set to ruin its legacy in one single show.

Seventeen years after the final episode aired, a reunion show is being filmed and streamed on HBO Max in 2021. After years of waiting, fans are finally going to see the six friends back together again. For many, this is exactly what they’ve been hoping for — so why am I not on board?

Here are three reasons why…

A night at the ballet sparked one of the most notorious riots of the twentieth century

Photo by Hannah Homayoonfar on Unsplash

On a May evening in Paris in 1913, one of the most notorious riots of the twentieth century took place. It began not in a bar, or on the streets— but at the ballet.

As a genre, ballet has certain connotations. It’s considered beautiful, graceful, and incredibly skilful. It’s generally not associated with screaming, yelling, violence, and vegetables being thrown on stage. But that’s exactly what happened on this occasion — the Parisian audience in attendance were so outraged, so disgusted by what they saw, that their composure turned to madness.

The ballet in question? The Rite of Spring.


These 5 hugely successful authors urge you not to follow the age-old advice

Photo by Cátia Matos from Pexels

All of the ideas I’ve ever had for a novel have one thing in common: they all bear some resemblance to my life.

When it comes to writing, I’ve always been drawn to plots and characters that in some way reflect my own experiences. I somewhat arrogantly wanted to convey my own thoughts and feelings and passions to the reader, as if my experiences were more valid than theirs. I believed that by drawing on my own life, my writing would be more truthful and therefore better.

Consciously or not, I’d been holding onto the advice ingrained in so many…

This time last year, I was a student at Oxford. Leaving was the best thing I could have done.

Photo: Lina Kivaka/Pexels

Towering yellow-stone buildings.

Libraries full of old leather-bound books.

Students in gowns whizzing around on bicycles.

Such a vision is as true of both Oxford and Cambridge today as it was eight hundred years ago. Established in 1096 and 1209 respectively, both universities are weighed down by tradition. Oozing prestige, this is where the top academics and brightest young minds in the world flock to.

In other words, Oxbridge represents the pinnacle of academic achievement.

So when I announced that I had turned down offers from both universities to study for a PhD, I was prepared for the shocked reactions.

Shouldn’t they keep hit songs for themselves?

Photo by Wendy Wei, Pexels

I have a friend who is a die-hard Taylor Swift fan. She’ll stay up all night to be the first to hear a new album, and travel hundreds of miles to attend a sold-out concert. She could list every song and album release of the past ten years at the drop of a hat. So-called ‘Swifties’ are a force to be reckoned with.

You’d probably be surprised, then, if I told you that there are in fact some Taylor Swift songs she has never heard of.

Think of your favourite musician. Chances are, they’ve written songs that you have no…

6 ways to drastically increase your chances of success.

Photo: Ilya Pavlov/Unsplash

Like many graduates, when I left university I thought that securing an interesting and well-paid job was fully within my reach. With a good honours degree and a Masters qualification to my name, there was nothing holding me back. I expected the world of employment to welcome me with open arms.

Close to 50 applications later, I finally received a job offer.

Regardless of how many attempts it took, the general consensus among my fellow graduates was that finding a job was much harder than any of us had anticipated. …

Rhiannon Jane

Musician, teacher, writer.

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