When are writers entitled to ownership of their work?

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Most authors fall into one of two categories: those who dream of the day that Hollywood comes knocking, and those who dread it.

Whilst some would jump at the chance to see their literary creations come to life on the big screen, others are understandably wary— what if their story is ruined, or their characters don’t come across as intended?

However, there is a lesser-known third category: those who willingly sell the film rights to their work, only to be disappointed by the final result.

Are they entitled to feel that way? After signing on the dotted line, some would…

Becoming a private tutor is the most time-effective way of boosting your income.

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So many of us dream of being paid to do what we love and building up our side hustles to the point that we can quit our day job and pursue a life of autonomy, flexibility, and enjoyment.

That’s all well and good. But ‘do what you love’ is not only a romanticized mindset but one that is holding you back. If you want to make easy money on the side, you need to do what you know.

Everyone has a skill. Not everyone is smart enough to monetize their skills. Whether it’s a sport, musical instrument, or college degree…

Berrettini out-performs Djokovic in one crucial statistic.

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The 2021 Wimbledon Gentleman’s Singles Final kicks off in under two hours. I’ve spent all weekend drawing up pros and cons of each finalist, trying to decide who I’d bet money on lifting the trophy.

For Novak Djokovic, victory would mean a crucial step closer to beating the all-time Grand Slam victory record currently held by Federer and Nadal — 20. That would mean Djokovic only needs to win the US Open in September to achieve a new all-time record.

If he takes it one step further and scores Gold at the Olympics, he’ll become the second player ever to…

Why colour plays no part in creating gender stereotypes.

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If you walk into a children’s clothing store, there’s a hilariously sharp divide. On your left you’ll see a wave of pink flowers and glitter, and on your right there’s nothing but blue trucks and dinosaurs. Straight away, you’re forced to make a decision — and it’s very clear which side is meant for girls, and which is for boys.

Recently, more and more people have expressed frustration with such clearly defined categories when it comes to children’s wardrobes. In a creditable display of defiance, some parents make a deliberate effort to flip the pre-established gender roles, dressing their daughters…

The Mozart effect has been debated by psychologists for years.

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Whether you like his music or not, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was undeniably a musical genius. He wrote his first piece of music aged 5, and his first opera at the age of 11. By the time he was 12, he was regularly travelling all over Europe performing for royal courts.

And according to a popular cultural phenomenon, his genius can be passed on simply by listening to his music.

The so-called ‘Mozart effect’ was coined by a group of psychologists in 1993, and refers to the idea that listening to the famous composer can elevate your IQ levels. But what…

The specific colour is less important than you might think.

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Marketing is all about persuasion. Regardless of what you’re selling or how you’re selling it, the goal is the same — to convince people to invest in your product.

Colour has always been an important component of marketing. Research has shown that up to 90% of snap decisions by customers are based on colour alone. The way consumers respond to colour should therefore inform how you market your brand. But how do you decide which colours are best? Are there certain colours that should be avoided?

The way we use and think about colour, both as marketers and consumers, has…

If your conversational partner is showing these behaviours, chances are they’re not paying attention.

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Have you ever been talking to someone, and thought that they weren’t paying attention?

It’s easy to tell if somebody is simply not listening to you. But sometimes, people who are bad listeners can appear to be actively involved in the conversation. These interactions often leave you feeling more confused or frustrated than you did before, particularly if you’ve gone to somebody seeking their advice.

As a skill, listening is harder than it seems. Unlike hearing, listening requires active effort, rather than being something that just happens passively. Studies have shown that humans process 2,000 of the 400 billion pieces…

The secret to success is not getting up at 5am — unless you’re a Lion.

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I am sick and tired of hearing people say that in order to be more productive, you simply need to start waking up earlier.

Thanks to our productivity-driven society, we spend more and more time working. It’s true that one way to make more time for yourself is to get up earlier in the mornings. Several successful people have been known to wake up before 4am, including Apple CEO Tim Cook, Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne, and even Michelle Obama.

But the reason they are able to do so has got nothing to do with how successful or hardworking they might…

Yes, I’m a die-hard fan — but I don’t want to see the band get back together.

Photo from IndieWire

Even if you’ve never watched a single episode, you’ve heard of Friends. The sitcom of all sitcoms took the world by storm in the 90s. And now, finally, it’s back.

And it’s set to ruin its legacy in one single show.

Seventeen years after the final episode aired, a reunion show is being filmed and streamed on HBO Max in 2021. After years of waiting, fans are finally going to see the six friends back together again. For many, this is exactly what they’ve been hoping for — so why am I not on board?

Here are three reasons why…

A night at the ballet sparked one of the most notorious riots of the twentieth century

Photo by Hannah Homayoonfar on Unsplash

On a May evening in Paris in 1913, one of the most notorious riots of the twentieth century took place. It began not in a bar, or on the streets— but at the ballet.

As a genre, ballet has certain connotations. It’s considered beautiful, graceful, and incredibly skilful. It’s generally not associated with screaming, yelling, violence, and vegetables being thrown on stage. But that’s exactly what happened on this occasion — the Parisian audience in attendance were so outraged, so disgusted by what they saw, that their composure turned to madness.

The ballet in question? The Rite of Spring.


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